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Rambles in Ravenna

Dear readers, the muse has been a bit silent of late, certainly not for lack of topics, but rather because I have been sucked up into the sizzling writhing morass that currently passes as politics in my country. Quoting from … Continue reading

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A Peek at Poznań

It’s been a while since I have headed off to explore a new city so when my dear Polish friend M from Batumi days suggested we meet up for the weekend in Poznań, a city located basically smack dab between … Continue reading

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A hint of Hamburg

It’s unfortunate that many of us make our first acquaintance of the word “Hamburg” through the lens of that most American food group, the hamburger. It’s true that there is a kind of flattened meatball from the region known as … Continue reading

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Edge Zone Alert: Bolzano (Bolzen)

Those of you who know some of my historic and cultural interests are aware that I am fascinated by “edge zones,” a term originally suggested by YoYo Ma in his Silk Road Project ( to describe places where two or … Continue reading

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Illumination – of lights and language

Berlin is home to many amazing artistic and cultural events throughout the year. One that is particularly engaging for the whole city is the Berlin Festival of Lights, celebrating its tenth anniversary this fall. For ten days in early October, … Continue reading

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“Find Your Spot:” Expats and other misfits

Many years ago, my ex-husband and I were trying to decide where to move. The backstory is long and complicated; the essential bits are that we were in possession of money but not jobs and we were trying to recreate … Continue reading

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Captivating Kyoto

T and I have just returned from our wonderful week traveling in Japan. You may have seen my blog on Ginza, below, and we also spent a bit of time in Nagoya visiting a pen friend and touring Osaka with … Continue reading

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